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Everything you need to know about your session of hypnosis

If you have any concerns please read this collection of frequently asked questions before contacting us. If you are still unclear about something feel free to contact us.

Where will you travel for home visits?

We travel the whole of the UK, a milage charge of 35ppm is chargeble for home visits.

What if I am nervous, its my first time

Then therapist will put your mind at ease and explain how beneficial hypnosis is in the free 30 min consultation.

Will I be in control?

Yes, you are always in control and cannot be made to say or do anything against your will.

What about stage hypnosis?

Hypnotised subjects can't remember what happened, at the time of hypnosis they know exactly what they are doing or they wouldn't comply with the hypnotist

What is the hypnotic state?

The hypnotic state is somewhere between waking and sleeping, electroencephalography (EEG) shows brain rhythm that is neither waking nor sleeping pattern..

What are the effects of anxiety

Subconscious anxiety has an effect on the organism as a whole. The subconscious force will produce an effect either mentally, physically or both. This is something within the subject but outside his control.

What is the subconscious mind

our subconscious minds influences us in everything we do. Even a simple task such as walking is only a conscious mind task to the extent that a decision is a conscious choice. From that point on everything else we do, putting the foot in front of the other, avoiding obstacles and balancing consists of habitual actions, and are therefore subconscious activities. After all we dont think of which leg to move next do we? .

Conscious V subconscious

Any suggestions which are accepted by the subconscious can and will be acted upon in either conscious thought or in the motor action of the individual. The subconscious mind cannot reason, everything you do, and that happens to you is based entirely on thoughts impressed in the subconscious mind and through our beliefs. After a while the actions become habits and then they become automatic. If thoughts are positive then they are reflected in our actions and our outlook. Negative thoughts can also be passed into the subconscious mind and these can produce fear and worry which also reflect outwards. Fear is a very strong emotion and once we allow it into our psyche it can take a great deal of positive thinking to overcome it.

Who uses hypnotherapy in sport?

Hypnotherapy is now been accepted by the medical and psychological professions as a effective therapy for a large majority of illnesses and uses such as enhancement of the mind resulting in increased concentration, focus and skill, now utilised by athletes in all sports.

How do I book a hypnotherapy session

If you would like information or are looking to book a session of hypnotherapy a free 30 min telephone consultation is available to answer any questions, please call 07834 818 654. Alternatively you can email: