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Hypnosis briefly

The hypnotic state makes a person better able to respond to suggestions and imagery to initiate hypno-analysis or suggestion therapy. Hypnotherapy can treat phobias, depression, anxiety and help people change certain behaviors, such as stopping smoking or controlling weight. It is widely known to help with sports & It can also help people change perceptions and sensations, and is particularly useful in treating pain and creating amnesia of traumatic events..

The state of trance is guided by the therapist who relaxes the whole body and clears the conscious analytical mind leaving the subconscious mind open to suggestions. In this state the subconscious mind will retain and act on suggestions given by the therapist, and it will work tirelessly to ensure the suggestions are completed! Suggestion therapy is very useful in sports hypnosis and is endless in its application to athletes and sports participants.

Sport & Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been used in sport for many years, in fact many world champions in many sports have used hypnotherapy to enhance their chosen skills. Tiger Woods is one of many who would participate in hypnotherapy, Mike Brearley english cricket captain,Steve Collins, Boxer, Nigel Benn and Frank Bruno but to name a few. Even earlier Jimmy Connor used hypnotherapy to help with his tennis. .

Under hypnosis the athlete is open to suggestions which can be addressed to aid training and ultimately competition. these suggestions can help with concentration, anxiety, confidence, skill, peripheral vision, perception and memory. Hypnosis is now used in all sport where peak performance is vital, the state of mind is now recognised as being as important as physical training. !

Can I be hypnotised?

Whilst everyone is not easy to hypnotise, I have only come across a couple of people who couldn't be hypnotised at all. These are often people with serious problems. Most people can be hypnotised to e certain degree providing they want to be hypnotised. Generally the more intelligent and creative people are the more responsive they are to hypnosis..

Imagination and the ability to concentrate are two important traits in good subjects. It is easy to work with a willing subject but not impossible to work with a sceptic, especially if their imagination and concentration are engaged.!


I first became interested in hypnosis a number of years ago in early 2000 recognising the potential of the strange phenomena of influencing the human mind whilst in trance. I began studying hypnosis mainly to enhance my own learning and understanding of the subconscious mind which led me into hypnotherapy.

I carry out a large proportion of hypnosis for athletes both amateur and professional in all types of sport from football players to jocky's and the list grows weekly.Professional MMA and boxing hypnosis is now an integral part of the fighters camp where a 6 to 8 week hypnosis plan is used to enhance training, control energy, build strength, focus and confidence leading up to competition. . Home visits (appointments & payments can be arranged over the telephone) . Please note: A small mileage charge is applicable to home visits. !

Please be aware I am very busy with hypnotherapy and a waiting time of up to 2 weeks is usual.


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